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Sandalwood Stick + Rubbing Stone

Ayurveda's chill pill!

Spa treatment from nature – calming your mind, pampering your skin, and making you smell divine all at once.

When modern life goes nuts, trust this ancient remedy to bring back your inner balance. 🌼🧘‍♂️



A legacy of over 200 years in the Indian perfume industry and a eureka moment is what led to the creation of Raahiparfums.com Technology was put to good use, and a new era of intense perfumery began, courtesy of a homegrown brand with a world bound take. No unnecessary middlemen. Straight from India’s perfume capital 'Kannauj' to your skin.



100% of our products are manufactured and packaged at our distilleries. Watch the video of our 204 years old distillery in Kannauj, India.

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    Enchanting Floral collection - perfect fragrances for every romantic soul.

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    Dive into our lit Woody fragrances—bringing those earthy vibes straight to you!

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    Get the ultimate freshness with our Fresh scents—perfect for every mood!

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    Level up your scent game with our Musky vibes—bold, confident, and absolutely unforgettable!

  • Gourmand

    Satisfy your scent cravings—so mouthwatering, you'll want to lick yourself!

  • Oriental

    Discover diverse Oriental scents, from sensual East to nature-inspired blends. strong, attractive, and utterly irresistible.

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  • I ordered traditional ittar pack of five ittars Mitti, Khus,Sandalwood , Mogra and Rose. The Ittars are really great and super formulation. This indeed is superb example of traditional Indian perfume making process.
    Congratulations and keep it up!

    Dhruv Apte

    27 Feb 2024

  • I recently purchased Parijat Ittar perfume, and I must say the scent is delightful! I usually hesitate to try new things due to past experiences, but this fragrance has truly impressed me. It's a pleasant surprise that has added a touch of joy to my day. Thank you for creating such a wonderful perfume!

    Niti Shivani

    27 Feb 2024

  • I have purchased Shamamatul Amber and the fragrance is very good and also addictive. Would love to experience this in EDP.

    Aditya Monga

    27 Feb 2024

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Our process begins with fresh flowers, roots, wood etc. grown by Indian herbalists and farmers.


Once bloomed, the finest selection of flowers are collected and bought to our oil distillery.


We slowly extract the flowers for up to a month in copper stills called ‘Degs’ as it was done centuries ago to make sure that the finest note is produced.