Crafting Attars since 1818 in Kannauj, India | The art of perfume making

Crafting Attars since 1818 in Kannauj, India | The art of perfume making

Perfume making has been around for centuries and is one of humanity's oldest artistic expressions. Understanding and preserving the art of perfumery is extremely important in this modern age.

With years of research and expertise, we have mastered this art, being one of them.

It all began in 1818, when Shri Ayodhya Prasad transported Sandalwood from Calcutta to Kannauj on a boat. A seven-generation family business, headquartered out of Kannauj, India produces Intense perfumery ingredients and attars for centuries.

We use the traditional method of distillation to extract essential oils, also known as hydro-distillation. It takes more time and resources, but produces the most refined and pure aroma.

We obtain Kewra flowers from Agraharam in Ganjam District in Odisha, where they grow naturally. Rose petals from Uttar Pradesh's Hathras District are used for Rose Absolute oil. These materials have a limited shelf life; therefore, they are distilled at the same location where they were cultivated. In the case of other essential oils, the raw materials are mainly spices, herbs, and resins. Therefore, they are distilled in Kannauj.

Our commitment is to manufacture essential oils of the highest quality. More than 200 years of experience in the fragrance industry, the brand has excelled in making a wide array of perfumes and perfumery ingredients for its customers.

If you have not checked out our collection, head to the product section to see the depth in our perfumery.

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