The world of fine fragrances and India share a deep cultural and historical connection.

In the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, the town of Kannauj has been known for centuries for producing the Indian attars and intense perfumery ingredients.

Surrounded by silt-rich fields that grow an extraordinary range of exotic flowers, aromatics grasses, roses, and herbs, Kannauj is justifiably called the perfume capital of India.

Maybe that is why Shri Munshi, a poet and former governor of Uttar Pradesh, said, "If you want to visit a perfumery town, visit Kannauj. It is art – it is culture and it is a heritage.”


It all began in 1818, when Shri Ayodhya Prasad Ji transported Sandalwood from Calcutta to Kannauj on a boat. A seven-generation family business, produces Intense perfumery ingredients and attars for centuries.

Headquartered out of Kannauj - The Makhulal Ayodhya Prasad Group of companies, had three manufacturing units at Orissa, Hasayan and Kannauj. In the last two centuries, since 1818 we have produced countless products and  perfumery ingredients and some products have been on the market for over 120 years.

The Art of Perfume Making


With years of research and expertise, we have mastered this art, the brand has excelled in making a wide array of natural essential oils, Indian attars, Modern attars, natural hydrolates, absolute oils etc. for its customers.

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