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Mitti Attar | Authentic Indian Attar | Handcrafted in Kannauj

Mitti Attar | Authentic Indian Attar | Handcrafted in Kannauj

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Mitti attar, also known as "The smell of First Rain," is a traditional Indian fragrance made from the distillation of clay. It is a natural perfume that has a unique aroma reminiscent of the earth after a rain shower.

The process of making mitti attar involves heating the clay and collecting the steam that is released during the process. The steam is then condensed to produce a fragrant liquid that is bottled and sold as mitti attar.

Mitti attar is commonly used in India as a natural perfume, and it is believed to have a cooling effect on the body.

Overall, mitti attar is a distinctive and pleasant fragrance that is enjoyed by many people in India and around the world.


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Mitti attar, also known as "earthen attar" or "clay attar," is a traditional Indian perfume derived from the distillation of baked clay or soil. It has a unique and earthy aroma that captures the essence of the monsoons and the wet earth. While the actual preparation process can be quite complex, the ingredients used are relatively simple. Here's what you can include in the INGREDIENTS list for mitti attar:

  1. Baked Clay or Soil: The main ingredient is the clay or soil that imparts the characteristic aroma to the attar. It is essential to use clean, organic clay or soil free from any contaminants or chemicals.
  2. Carrier Oil: A neutral, odourless carrier oil is used to extract and capture the fragrance of the baked clay or soil.
  3. Distillation Apparatus: The equipment used for the distillation process, such as a copper still or hydro-distillation setup, is necessary to extract the attar's aroma.

That's it! The process of making mitti attar involves distilling the baked clay or soil using the carrier oil, which absorbs the unique aroma, creating the desired fragrance. The resulting mitti attar is a concentrated perfume oil that is popularly used in perfumery and aromatherapy.


In the heart of India, where monsoon rains kiss the earth, a unique fragrance was born – Mitti Attar. As the first drops of rain met the thirsty soil, a skilled perfumer captured the essence of petrichor in a tiny bottle. Baked clay and pure sandalwood oil danced together, giving birth to an enchanting earthy aroma. With every application, Mitti Attar transported its wearer to the lush landscapes of the Indian countryside, a nostalgic embrace of the monsoon season. It whispered tales of renewal, growth, and the eternal cycle of life. The fragrance, like nature's artistry, was both grounding and uplifting, connecting souls to the earth's soul. Mitti Attar – a fragrant symphony of the rains, a celebration of nature's eternal dance.


Our fragrances are gender-neutral and made for everyone.

Dabbing Method: Mitti Attar is available in oil form. A little dab to your pulse point works amazing.


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