What is a Niche perfume?

What is a Niche perfume?

Niche perfumes can only be made by artisan perfumers. Each scent is composed using only the highest quality ingredients. The perfume produced is unique, rich and superior in quality.

Hand blended with natural ingredients, these perfumes smell wonderful. Our quality standards are extremely high so you'll never receive a product that irritates your skin or contains substandard ingredients.

Buying a niche perfume is a chance to own a fragrance that many people don't have. A unique and artisan product, it's crafted with passion, so you'll enjoy an olfactory experience that lasts for a long time and draws tons of attention for all the right reasons.

The goal is to own something unique that you won't find on every high street. Handcrafted niche fragrances cover a wider range of notes, creating an interesting and diverse range of scents.

Unlike mass-produced designer perfumes, each perfume is made by an artisan perfumer, so you get an original, unique scent you can't buy anywhere else.

A niche perfume is an inspired, innovative fragrance crafted with love and expertise to provide a deeply pleasurable sensory experience.

Therefore, when you browse a collection of niche perfumes, you are more likely to find one you really like. The perfumes are only produced in small quantities, so you're getting an exclusive scent that's hard to find.

Everybody wants a scent that leaves an impression as they waft past  - and you can achieve this with an artisan scent.  Best of all, You will be the only one wearing it or knowing where to get it.

If you have not checked out our collection, head to the product section to see the depth in our perfumery.

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