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ROSÉ BARK | Eau De Parfum

ROSÉ BARK | Eau De Parfum

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In a hidden oasis nestled amidst lush woodlands, a mystical fragrance was born - Rose Bark. In the heart of this enchanting realm, the essence of the finest Damask roses bloomed with an ethereal freshness that awakened the senses.

Delicate petals whispered secrets of love and passion. As the morning dew glistened on citrus zest, a vibrant burst of freshness danced with spiced cardamom, weaving an exotic allure. The fragrance held the soul of nature's romance, where the velvety warmth of amber resin entwined with sandalwood's creamy caress. And within its core, the essence of patchouli leaves grounded the blend, like roots firmly planted in fertile soil.

Rose Bark - an ode to the wild, where every breath unveiled the timeless beauty of a fresh, blooming rose.

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