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Ruh Khus | Vetiver Absolute Oil | 12ml

Ruh Khus | Vetiver Absolute Oil | 12ml

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Introducing Raahi Parfums Ruh Khus Absolute Oil, your ultimate summer companion. Crafted from 100% natural vetiver roots, this absolute oil is a refreshing coolant, perfect for those hot summer days. Infused with the essence of nature, it offers a crisp, earthy fragrance that soothes the senses and invigorates the mind. Embrace the coolness of summer with the natural goodness of Ruh Khus Absolute Oil by Raahi Parfums.

Enhance your scent experience by layering Ruh Khus with any of our exquisite Raahi products. Whether it's a floral bouquet or a citrusy burst, the versatility of Ruh Khus allows you to create unique and personalized fragrance combinations that reflect your individual style. Elevate your senses and embrace the art of layering with Raahi Parfums.

Ruh Khus is a must-have fragrance that deserves a special place in your collection. Its natural cooling properties, combined with its distinctive earthy aroma, make it a standout addition to any fragrance lineup. Embrace the essence of summer and elevate your collection with the timeless allure of Ruh Khus by Raahi Parfums.

Discover the essence of tranquility with our Ruh Khus, meticulously distilled using Kannauj's traditional 'Deg Bhapka' method. Each drop captures the pure, earthy fragrance of vetiver roots, offering a moment of serenity in every inhalation. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Indian perfumery as you experience the timeless allure of Ruh Khus. Elevate your senses and embrace the soothing essence of nature, distilled to perfection.

The tone of Ruh Khus (Vetiver Absolute) resonates with earthiness, grounding, and a touch of refinement. It emanates a rugged yet sophisticated essence, evoking a sense of deep-rooted tranquility and understated elegance. This fragrance exudes an aura of strength and authenticity, offering a harmonious balance between raw nature and refined sophistication.

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